Real Estate Auctions Hawaii
"Everything we touch turns to sold!"

Why a Real Estate Auction?
· Better educated, more spohisticated global real estate market
· More savvy consumer demanding options
· A major trend in other countries and mainland cities is to utilize real estate auctions to effectively and efficiently sell properties
· Time is money: 30 to 60 day average turn around with a real estate versus a six month average with traditional listing
· Devaluation minimized and greatest value realized
· Complete turn-key "estate" marketing available: furniture, cars, jewelery, art etc. can be auctioned simultaneously with the property

Systems, Strategy, Structure and Security
"For marketing the property and saturating the GLOBAL MARKET"

  · Any and all national and local media:
   -Business publications (Wall Street Journal,USA Today)
   -Television commercials
   -Radio commercials
   -Trade Publications (Homes & Land, Harmon Homes, Buyers Guide)
· Email Blast
· Direct Fax
· Direct mail/DirectMarketing
· Internet/International
Multi-dimentional Internet Hot-Hyper Linking to all
international Internet auction sites
· Streaming video property previews